Ready to delivery

Ready to delivery

The fastest way to have goods for your business  is to order items from the current season’s fashion collections.

To refurnish the pre-ordered items later in the season, our clients usually use the “ready to delivery” items. They also do it to test a new item or brand on the market and, based on the response, evaluate if to pre-ordered it for the next season.

Ready to delivery are items that sell really fast so, if you’re interested, please hurry to order yours so that we can immidiately reserve them for you before they run out.

Although we always try our best, consider that sometimes some items are hard to find in the requested color, size and quantity.

Every day we will send you an updated Newsletter List, in this way you can constantly keep your business flowing.

Balenciaga Handbags Ready to delivery

Discounts change in accordance with the items and the season and will be notified each time.

Discounts are higher:

– by the end of the Italian season

– by ordering a complete list of proposed items (“Take All”)

How to Stay Up to Date:

We always deliver updated info about our business through Newsletters . Our lists come as attachment in Excel, PDF, JPG.